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  1. While the survivors are exploring ancient ruins, looking for a replacement leyden jar, a block gives way, causing Elaine to fall.
  2. It had disks with a diameter of and was connected to a battery of Leyden jars to store the charge produced.
  3. The end product is an advanced form of the 18th-century Leyden jar, which is the world's first device to store electricity.
  4. Nollet is reputed to be the first to apply the name " Leyden jar " to the first device for storing electricity.
  5. In another publication, he described an anonymous German author who, in 1780, prepared Leyden jars where melted sugar served as an insulator.
  6. Several "'electrostatical devices "': batteries composed of leyden jars and electrical machines ( 1770 1800 ) that were used to generate electricity.
  7. Charles Cavendish was also one of the early experimenters with the electrical storage device, the Leyden jar, which came to England in 1746.
  8. In 1746, he showed that the capacity of the Leyden jar could be increased by coating it inside and out with lead foil.
  9. The electric charge continued passing through a beaded iron chain, which acted as a conductor, to a Leyden jar that received the electricity.
  10. He also investigated the Leyden jar, proving that the charge was stored on the glass and not in the water, as others had assumed.
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