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  1. In the literal sense, as defined by author and Yiddish-English lexicologist Leo Rosten, " chutzpa, " as he spells it in " The Joys of Yiddish, " is an imprecise synonym for gall, effrontery or presumption-plus-arrogance.
  2. This formed a break with the previous lexicologists'custom of indicating Dutch words that are mostly only used in Flanders, while not doing the same for Dutch words mostly only used in the Netherlands, which could give the impression that only usage in the Netherlands defines the standard language.
  3. :: Wikipedia : You _ are _ probably _ not _ a _ lexicologist _ or _ a _ lexicographer expressly recommends against using Websters in this case : " Dictionaries are extremely conservative in what they recognize, and are descriptive of an existing definition, not creators of it.
  4. Now to the crux of the controversy, in which lexicologists can elbow aside diplomatists : Is the noun lounge taken to mean cocktail lounge, denoting " bar " _ that is, a place where alcoholic beverages are served, life histories are recounted to bartenders and singles mingle and tingle?
  5. Someone above completely missed the point of the essay, but Wikipedia : You are probably not a lexicologist or a lexicographer puts it nicely : " The dictionary is a better source than you are . " "'Talk "') 01 : 09, 28 January 2010 ( UTC)
  6. The term first appeared in the 1970s, though there were lexicologists in essence before the term was coined . "'Computational lexicology "'as a related field ( in the same way that "'computational linguistics "'is related to "'linguistics "') deals with the computational study of dictionaries and their contents.
  7. For example, there may be an " Invocator " who gives an invocation or inspirational opener; a " Humor Master ", " Jokemaster ", or " Raconteur " who tells a funny story or jokes; a " Wordmaster " or " Lexicologist " who presents a " word of the day " to help the members increase their vocabulary ( with the intention that members use the word of the day in their presentations ); a " Listener " ( also called a Quizmaster ) who asks questions after the presentations to make sure everyone was listening; and / or an " Award Presenter ", who presents awards at the end of the meeting.
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