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  1. The ringgit breached the 4.00 level against the US dollar yesterday.
  2. We will protest at all levels against the brutal killings of our Christians.
  3. The dollar scraped its lowest levels against the Swiss franc for a week.
  4. His greatest test will be on the European level against Celtic, though.
  5. The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since Oct . 18.
  6. Nichols said that throughout 2004 the euro reached record levels against the US dollar.
  7. The dollar is now at its lowest level against the yen since May 1996.
  8. The dollar lingers near its lowest levels against Japan's yen since 1996.
  9. The dollar is at its highest level against the yen since October, 1998.
  10. I have to raise my level against Monica,
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