levee in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'levi ] ]
levee meaning in Hindi


  1. South Korean rescue teams also built levees around streams and rivers.
  2. The Mesopotamian civilizations and ancient China also built large levee systems.
  3. The city built a levee system that is still maintained today.
  4. Large sections of levee / dunes were washed onto the highway.
  5. The presence of levees is quite common in many lava flows.
  6. A small memorial stands at the location of the levee failure.
  7. Some water also overtopped a section of the Industrial Canal levee.
  8. However, there are funding battles over the remaining levee improvements.
  9. One of the divers'tasks would be to inspect levees.
  10. The levee breach event was a pivotal moment in American history.
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