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  1. These included the Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix and the Legio X Fretensis.
  2. Moesica ( 2nd century ), Legio I Iovia ( 4th century)
  3. Many Legio Maria communities still celebrate the Latin form of the mass.
  4. Legio IV Martia was stationed there in the 4th century.
  5. The Legio was stationed in Roman Britain until the beginning of the fifth century
  6. From 360 to 363, Nisibis was the camp of Legio I Parthica.
  7. Isurium may also have been the base of the Roman Legio VIIII Hispana.
  8. Paetus invaded the Kingdom of Commagene as head of the Legio VI Ferrata.
  9. It is inscribed by Legio XII Fulminata at the time of emperor Domitian.
  10. In May 92AD, the Iazyges annihilated the Roman Legio XXI Rapax in battle.
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