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  1. Although reduced to operating from his home, Ron Roenigk, the publisher of Inside Publications, said he would be buying the two former Lerner nameplates, largely to get their legal advertising.
  2. Malley started his businesses in 1983, shortly after the landmark Bates v . State Bar of Arizona Supreme Court case, which upheld legal advertising as commercial speech protected by the First Amendment.
  3. It is fairly common for public officials to threaten to remove legal advertising, said Jane Kirtley, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, a group based in Arlington, Va.
  4. Municipalities have a right to place their legal advertising wherever they like, but courts have found that such moves violate the First Amendment when they are in clear retaliation for an editorial stance, she said.
  5. Law practice management is the study and practice of business administration in the legal context, including such topics as workload and staff management; financial management; office management; and marketing, including legal advertising.
  6. The lawyers disciplinary board of the New Mexico Supreme Court has slapped him with a year's probation and threatened him with disbarment for violating its legal advertising rules, and he is fighting back with a federal suit.
  7. The Cleveland News Leader made news itself when its owners sued the City of Cleveland over the board of aldermen's refusal to award the newspaper the municipality's legal advertising after the paper turned in the low bid.
  8. Escalating his war of words with The Miami Herald, Mayor Xavier Suarez has threatened to pull the city's legal advertising from the newspaper unless it becomes " a lot nicer to me, my people, my citizens and my city ."
  9. By 1992 the Fifth Circuit could assert that " the two-step burden-shifting rule . . . has now become standard fare in discrimination cases " in the third and final appeal by a Mississippi newspaper alleging that local government withdrew legal advertising in retaliation for critical coverage.
  10. Kindig scoffed at the idea that the city's legal advertising should be printed in local community newspapers . " I think this argument that the public benefit is to be served by using these newspapers is a lot of camouflage, " he told the council when it discussed the matter.
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