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  1. Other laws and other normative legal acts of Ukraine must conform to the constitution.
  2. Historically, the most famous Polish legal act is the Constitution of 3 May 1791.
  3. The National Council considers and approves the Constitution, constitutional statutes and other legal acts.
  4. "Ukraine's presidential election is not simply an official, legal act.
  5. Such legal acts are nevertheless often recognized state-to-state according to the common practice of comity.
  6. Serbian rulers reigned with single legal acts and decrees.
  7. In the case of countersignature, the responsibility for legal acts shall rest with the Government.
  8. The Emperor Frederick executed here a great legal act.
  9. Thus, translation is an integral part in the process of drafting and adopting legal acts.
  10. The sasine is the legal act of register of land ownership, pronounced " sayseen ".
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