learning ability in a sentence

learning ability meaning in Hindi


  1. The connecting devices multitasking character has a serious impact on the learning ability.
  2. TV series, have much better long-term memory and learning ability than ordinary mice.
  3. Teaching will be adapted to the learning ability of each girl or woman.
  4. Sublethal doses can affect orientation, foraging, learning ability and brood care.
  5. Relative to the student's learning ability, the teaching material is now less important.
  6. It can shift down the learning ability of your entire population.
  7. Students are deprived of their opportunities to develop their learning abilities.
  8. This leads to improved regulation of mood and increased learning ability.
  9. They have both been extensively studied for their learning abilities.
  10. It has been proven to have a great impact on the students learning abilities.
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