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  1. H�hne had a long career in the service of the Orange Free State, starting circa 1863 as Landdrost of the District of Philippolis.
  2. He is most commonly known for being the Witwatersrand's first mining commissioner and Johannesburg's first " landdrost ".
  3. Sir John Cradock sanctioned an expenditure of 12 000 rixdollars on public buildings and work began at once on a house for the deputy landdrost.
  4. Krogh held the position of Magistrate of Pretoria from 1 June 1878 to 31 December 1878, with duties similar to that of a Landdrost.
  5. Under Hanoverian rule, the " Landdrostei " emerged, with the " Landdrost " as the highest state representative in the province.
  6. With minister, deputy landdrost, constable and policmen, the inhabitants could consider their tiny village well on the way to being a " town ".
  7. In 1795 the burghers, smarting under the exactions of the VOC, and under the leadership of Adriaan van Jaarsveld, expelled the " Landdrost"
  8. An order for his arrest was issued and landdrost Andries Stockenstr�m of Graaff-Reinet instructed the Deputy-Messenger of the Court to carry out the order.
  9. Here he was promoted to Landdrost on 25 October 1866 and another four years later, on 28 September 1870 he was transferred to Kroonstad in the same position.
  10. An ordinance passed in 1827 abolished the old Dutch " " landdrost " " and " " heemraden " " courts, instead substituting resident magistrates.
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