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  1. The statistics are obtained through regulations which require employers to inform the Labour Department about their retrenchment plans.
  2. Ariffin said the committee had enlisted the assistance of the Labour Department to get re-instatement of the workers.
  3. Ms Ng said the case had been brought to the notice of the Labour Department and the police.
  4. Starting this year, employers have to inform the Labour Department on their retrenchment plans a month in advance.
  5. The Labour Department issued 1, 072 licences for employment agencies last year and 1, 100 inspections were made.
  6. A Democratic Party member surveys job seekers at the Labour Department about the department's helpfulness towards the unemployed.
  7. The Labour Department has neither revoked nor refused the renewal of licences of any employment agencies this year.
  8. It would also pay any form of compensation within seven days of receiving assessment from the Labour Department.
  9. The applications are processed by the Labour Department before they are put forward to the fund board for approval.
  10. He said workers should instead seek advice from the respective Labour departments or their unions or only responsible NGOs.
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