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  1. Some haladie had spikes on one side of the handle in the style of a knuckle duster, while others had a third blade in this position.
  2. His house in Plumstead, called'Camelot', is decorated with union flags, a painted depiction of himself as a knight and a large knuckle duster.
  3. Also unlike his allies, he shuns weapons such as swords and maces as he prefers instead to move in close and pummel his enemies with his knuckle dusters.
  4. Kyril Varaksin, 22, was hit in the face with a knuckle duster by intruders who broke into Pfaff's house in the early hours of Friday morning.
  5. The game incorporates many role-playing elements in the form of rewards spent on crossbow, ammunition, storage, and armour upgrades and other items such as binoculars and knuckle dusters.
  6. Import of knuckle dusters into Australia is illegal unless a government permit is obtained; permits are only available for limited purposes, such as police and government use, or use in film productions.
  7. They raided homes in north London towns to the north-east of the city and confiscated weapons including an ornamental sword, a bayonet, flick-knife, knuckle duster and a lock knife.
  8. In October 2010, Jacquard Box Dress " and " Hell's Angels knuckle duster ring " which bear the symbol which is protected by the US Patent and Trademark Office since at least 1948.
  9. It was the standard form of dagger in England from the 16th to the mid 18th centuries, and consisted of a long, broad, straight blade, with a large, heavy basket hilt which was used as a knuckle duster.
  10. This was also the foundation for respect it gained from those who appreciated it; most cavalry troopers used the blades like bludgeons and the guards as knuckle dusters ( as Le Marchant observed ) and the 1796 was significantly more suited for this than most other swords.
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