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  1. Only the most warped killjoy would expect an encore.
  2. One doesn't want to be a killjoy.
  3. It wasn't me, I'm not such a killjoy.
  4. But instead of disappearing, Killjoy transforms into Michael.
  5. :OMG Tony you're such a killjoy.
  6. The killjoy Parimala has a twin sister : Shyamala.
  7. The Suns don't mean to be killjoys, but . . ..
  8. Griffey was a little more peeved about Assenmacher's brief, killjoy appearance.
  9. Some killjoys may say, " Let Jackie rest in peace ."
  10. So does he feel like a bit of a killjoy in disillusioning marathoners everywhere?
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