kaleidoscope in a sentence

kaleidoscope meaning in Hindi


  1. "Daddy " and " Kaleidoscope ."
  2. The town hosts one of the last kaleidoscope manufacturers in France.
  3. The CBC Television series " CHUM Television and Kaleidoscope Entertainment.
  4. In 2009, the group collaborated with Dutch Kaleidoscope ".
  5. The kaleidoscopes consist of panels of clear and reflective acrylic material.
  6. "Kaleidoscope Dream " received widespread acclaim from critics.
  7. Joey watches as the magician Mr . Nostromo plays with his kaleidoscope.
  8. The Mid-Amateur is a kaleidoscope of the game.
  9. A kaleidoscope of cultures mixes everyday on the No . 7 train.
  10. The current banking landscape is a kaleidoscope of banks piled upon banks.
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