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  1. It wasn't clear what prompted Monday's raid in Kalar Sayyadan, a town near Islamabad.
  2. He became a popular figure in the Kurdish media for being assassinated in front of his house in Kalar.
  3. Kalar Sports Park the team's home ground received several grants in order to accommodate the facility for CSL standards.
  4. The main campus is in Sulaimani city, and satellite campuses are in the towns of Khanaqin, Kalar, Halabja and Chamchamal.
  5. There are two stories with the second story containing lounge rooms by the grand windows above the entrances, which overlook all of Kalar.
  6. Doctors in three towns east of Kirkuk _ Kalar, Kifre and Jallulah _ reported more than 150 injuries from munitions since vhm war ended.
  7. "' Kalar "'(, Kelar ) is a city in Iraq located on the west bank of the Qasri Shirin and Sarpol Zahab.
  8. So far, however, the ruling's main effect appears to be in drug cases, said Steven Kalar, a federal public defender in San Francisco.
  9. The rebel group claimed that it killed 18 paramilitary soldiers in an attack on their camp in Dahwato Kalar village, 75 kilometers ( 45 miles ) south of Srinagar.
  10. Kalar predicted the decision would cause " tremendous uncertainty " in the short term as courts sort out which cases now on appeal must be re-examined under the new rules.
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