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  1. While the fight against AIDS is widely covered in the media, deaths caused by malaria, tuberculosis, the parasitic disease kala azar and sleeping sickness _ all of which can be treated effectively _ received little press attention, the report said.
  2. OneWorld is now gobbling up rights to drug candidates sitting on companies'shelves that could treat illnesses caused by parasites, such as kala azar _ Hindi for " black fever " _ and infant diarrhea, a leading cause of infant mortality around the world.
  3. Each visitor will be able to spin a Wheel of Misfortune and receive a color-coded card with a diagnosis, a narrative of a real person who has contracted sleeping sickness, tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, or kala azar, also known as visceral leishmaniasis, a wasting disease carried by a sand fly.
  4. In 1901, while examining pathologic specimens of a spleen from a patient who had died of Leishman-Donovan bodies ( not to be confused with Donovan bodies, which are found in Granuloma inguinale, which is caused by " Klebsiella granulomatis " ) and recognized as the protozoan that causes kala azar, " Leishmania donovani ".
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