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  1. M1 begins northeast of Peshawar as it moves in an eastern direction, crossing over the Kabul River.
  2. It is located on at 638 m altitude between the Kabul River and its tributary-the Alingar River.
  3. Located at the west side of Jalalabad, near the Kabul River and the highway between Jalalabad and Kabul.
  4. The Kabul River travels through the centre of the district and keeps the two sides of the district quite green.
  5. Azem Khan for unknown reasons, did not cross the Kabul River straight away to link up with the tribesmen.
  6. As soon as Zaher Shah stepped on the ground here, the rain started and the Kabul river is flowing again.
  7. A hamlet of the Dalazak tribe was on the south bank of the Kabul River near present-day Pir Piai.
  8. The village of Shaheed Mina, located on the bank of the Kabul River, is also a popular picnicking spot.
  9. The 100-acre ( 40-hectare ) zoo on the Kabul River was once one of the best in South Asia.
  10. The Kabul River flows through the district in its southern end and the main highway ( Kabul-Jalalabad ) passes along it.
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