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  1. On entering the Peshawar Plain, the Kabul River is divided into several channels.
  2. The Kabul River, which is usually swollen this time of year, is dry.
  3. The once-mighty Kabul River is barely a stream, in places barely a trickle.
  4. Towards its southern end, it connects with the Spin Ghar Range near the Kabul River.
  5. In 1823, Ranjit Singh defeated a large army of Yusufzai north of the Kabul River.
  6. The Swat River is a tributary of the Kabul River, part of the Indus River basin.
  7. Daulat Khan rebuilt the village, but it was later destroyed by flooding of the Kabul River.
  8. Long before dawn, whole families have crept from their homes and headed down to the Kabul River.
  9. Along the noxious trickle of the Kabul River, market life seems little changed from the ancient days.
  10. Kalpani, an important stream of the district rises in the Baizai and flowing southwards join Kabul river.
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