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journeying meaning in Hindi


  1. "The Return " is his book about journeying back to Romania.
  2. Food writer John T . Edge found that out when he was journeying across the
  3. Archbishop of Dublin, Thomas Cranley, died in Faringdon while journeying to London.
  4. After journeying through the Tudor and Woodland gardens, they dine at the restaurant.
  5. The monk spent two months journeying to and from Japan bringing more Western products.
  6. By 1816 she had started journeying through France.
  7. Mavra prefers to begin in Dillia by journeying to the neighboring hex of Gedemondas.
  8. Journeying into the countryside they stop for Max to change in to male clothing.
  9. She travelled with a close friend named Sandy, journeying deep into the Mexican countryside.
  10. But he said he doesn't foresee average citizens journeying into space anytime soon.
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