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  1. Also in 1971, William L . Rivers disparaged the former and embraced the latter, concluding, " In some hands, they add a flavor and a humanity to journalistic writing that push it into the realm of art . " Charles Brown in 1972 reviewed much that had been written as New Journalism and about New Journalism by Capote, Wolfe, Mailer and others and labelled the genre " New Art Journalism, " which allowed him to test it both as art and as journalism.
  2. Thus, and this is important, the pro-TQ argument amounts to a-extension of WP : ENGVAR, to support an allegedly regional peculiarity that a ) leads inevitably to misquotation and other errors, by its very nature, b ) is confusing to most of the world ( not just the English-speaking world; mandatory internal TQ-style punctuation of quotations is unknown in other languages ), c ) is not even supported by all readers and editors in the area in which it has been wishfully but falsely promoted as " universal ", d ) is deprecated in technical and legal and sometimes even journalistic writing by the very Americans and Canadians who would normally use it ( and WP technical writing ), e ) is admitted to be illogical and arbitrary by its own supporters, and f ) isn't long for this world anyway except probably in fiction ( where some believe it " scans " faster ).
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