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  1. There is also an exception for journalistic writing, but I don't really see how wikipedia fits into that loophole.
  2. We hear and read strange things in the media, and in many cases I put it down to shoddy journalistic writing.
  3. A : It's true that the competition with electronic media has really had an impact on the quality of journalistic writing.
  4. It is much more comparable to scientific writing than to journalistic writing, and it takes a while to understand what is required.
  5. The presentation slides are available on the Wikimania conference website and a nice journalistic write-up was published by " The Atlantic ".
  6. The argument does not always depend upon explicit reliable sources and may instead take the form of an appeal to tradition and the style of journalistic writing.
  7. Newspapers and periodicals often contain features ( see Feature style ) written by journalists, many of whom specialize in this form of in-depth journalistic writing.
  8. What " sounds like an essay " usually means is that an article is written more like what one would read in journalistic writing or some-such.
  9. Early influences on Bodo's journalistic writing style include Frank Deford, Curry Kirkpatrick, George Plimpton, Norman Mailer, Dave Anderson and Hunter S . Thompson.
  10. The Elementary Department and the High School Department have garnered laurels in creative and journalistic writing competitions in quiz bees, in the performing arts, and even in sports.
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