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  1. Since the end of 2001 Grist has concentrated his comics work on his superhero character Jack Staff, although he has announced plans to continue Kane as a series of original graphic novels.
  2. What has made the character very popular is Grist's use of many popular characters from British comics, some taken wholesale, others inspired by them . ( See Supporting cast in Jack Staff)
  3. She is highly unpopular with DI Maveryk and also with Jack Staff after she hypnotised him to use him as a tool against the Word ( # 8, Vol . 1 ).
  4. The elderly Spider continues to appear in Jack Staff, although at IPC Media's request, he is identified merely as Alfred Chinard ( as " The Spider " name is IPC Media copyright ).
  5. Jack Staff was also an ally of the mysterious Mister Green, an entity working for / leading a cosmic force called " the Green ", but severed his ties after the Hurricane incident.
  6. Though Octane is backed by heavy hitters Lucent Ventures and Sigma Ventures, $ 2 . 4 billion is " an awful lot of money, " said Jack Staff, an analyst at Zona Research.
  7. ISPs, broadband, technology vendors . . . . But what's happening is that to be really successful on the Internet, you need to do everything, " said Jack Staff, chief Internet economist for Zona Research.
  8. "It's a very real problem, and I think we're liable to have legal forays into this particular issue down the line, " said Jack Staff, chief internet analyst for Zona Research Inc . in Redwood City.
  9. "The Weird World of Jack Staff " revealed in # 4 that Becky is, in fact, the Green's chosen champion, meant to wield the Sword of Devastation in the battle at the end of the world.
  10. In " The Weird World of Jack Staff " # 4, it was revealed Becky was indeed the prophesised champion who would save the world, and that Jack Staff's destined role was to keep her alive until then.
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