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  1. These predictions excited the nuclear physics community, triggering three parallel paths of research : 1 ) Some scientists started to build their heavy ion accelerators in Berkeley, Dubna ( Russia ) and recently in Riken ( Japan ) . 2 ) Others began searching for the existence of super-heavy elements in various natural materials.
  2. Hu was former Director-general of the Chinese Society of Nuclear Physics (-N�V8hirtf [ O ), the former academic director of the National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Accelerator in Lanzhou ( NLHIAL, pQ?] ͑�yP [ �R�hV�V?[ ?[ ��?[ ), and the former academic director of the Beijing National Tandem Accelerator Laboratory ( S�N2NR�R�hV8hirt�V?[ ?[ ��?[ ).
  3. This practice is useful for other reasons, too : stripping all the electrons from a heavy unstable nucleus ( thus producing a bare nucleus ) changes the lifetime of the nucleus, indicating that the nucleus cannot be treated independently ( Experiments at the heavy ion accelerator orbital models of heavy atoms, the electron orbits partially inside the nucleus ( it doesn't " orbit " in a strict sense, but has a non-vanishing probability of being located inside the nucleus ).
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