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  1. In theory, nullification differs from interposition in several respects.
  2. Frankfurter resented the interposition of federal court review over state criminal actions.
  3. The rule has however been altered owing to this interposition of equity.
  4. Investigators suggest that the trapeziectomy without any interposition or reconstruction is preferred.
  5. Their " human interposition " has left all American faiths disarmed.
  6. The theme : Is interposition the answer to segregation?
  7. In practice, the terms nullification and interposition often have been used indistinguishably.
  8. During the 19th century, several states attempted or threatened interposition or nullification.
  9. None of these interposition attempts was legally upheld.
  10. Opponents respond that interposition is not a valid constitutional doctrine and has been discredited.
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