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  1. This integrated network stands unique in the world.
  2. Birch was founded in 1996 as Access Integrated Networks by Vincent M . Oddo and partners.
  3. Wang became a smaller company, focused on creating software, servicing machines and integrating networks of computers.
  4. Cisco in July agreed to buy Dagaz from Integrated Network Corp . for stock and cash.
  5. These integrated networks allow travelers to accumulate and redeem frequent-flyer points on any of the allied airlines.
  6. The 2012 Integrated Network Test will be the capstone event that solidifies the 2013-2014 Network Capability Set.
  7. Gustavus Franklin Swift developed an integrated network of cattle procurement, slaughtering, meat-packing and shipping meat to market.
  8. But to do so, much work must be done to accommodate and integrate network outsourcing into the organisation.
  9. In the next decade it purchased most of the privately owned distribution systems and built an integrated network.
  10. The GTS consists of an integrated network of point-to-point circuits, and multi-point circuits which interconnect meteorological telecommunication centres.
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