incriminate in a sentence

incriminate meaning in Hindi


  1. The Fifth Amendment protects individuals from being forced to incriminate themselves.
  2. Sock puppets of User : LbUT remove incriminating information on Usana.
  3. Police opened an investigation, and found incriminating evidence against Christofi.
  4. They are much more concerned about destroying incriminating files and uniforms.
  5. She and Karl escape with the incriminating documents and get married.
  6. By that evening, after burning incriminating evidence, Devereux surrendered.
  7. Equally, innocent defendants incriminated by malware need to be protected.
  8. Janet is unsuccessful in her attempt to procure the incriminating letters.
  9. Chuck helps out Jimmy and manages to recover an incriminating document.
  10. Perhaps the most incriminating item involves bloodstains found near the crime scene.
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