income tax evasion in a sentence

income tax evasion meaning in Hindi


  1. In 2012 Spano was indicted for Federal Income Tax evasion.
  2. The government then went after him for income tax evasion.
  3. Then she took another guilty plea from a man accused of income tax evasion.
  4. Violations of the tax code involving income tax evasion constitutes membership in the unreported economy.
  5. India has traditionally had one of the world's highest rates of personal income tax evasion.
  6. Lawrence Bardin was subsequently convicted of income tax evasion and served ten months in prison.
  7. Mark Swartz will plead not guilty tomorrow to this single charge of income tax evasion,
  8. In 1956, Zwillman was tried for income tax evasion.
  9. Strawberry, in fact, is still under house arrest for a federal income tax evasion conviction.
  10. 1931-U . S . gangster Al Capone receives 11-year prison sentence for income tax evasion.
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