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  1. In 1957 he passed civil services examination and was appointed in the income tax department.
  2. These agencies include CBSE, Registrar Office, Income Tax Department, and so on.
  3. The Income Tax Department requested that Telgi's property be confiscated to pay the fine.
  4. Each year, the Income Tax Department opens over 150 counters for filing Income Tax returns.
  5. Income Tax Department has been conducting raids on some of the organisations that take capitation fee.
  6. Meanwhile, the income tax department raids his premises and starts prosecution proceedings for tax evasion.
  7. In 2000, Parivartan requested the Tax Commissioner to make the Income Tax department more transparent.
  8. Sar1yer district municipality's income tax department and the fire department are based in B�y�kdere.
  9. The Income Tax department had planned on a raid at the restaurant owner Shanmugam's house.
  10. The due date for filing return with the Income Tax Department of India is 31 July every year.
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