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  1. In an attempt to hide from his pursuers, Hotfoot stumbles upon a burial mound, watched over by its Spirit, Dead Eagle.
  2. Finally arriving in Hotfoot, Cool Cat spots two horses playing human shoes, and a " Horse Doctor " who really is an equine.
  3. In three years, we have seen the frantic end-to-end dashes that look like a man with hotfoot dancing through a minefield.
  4. While waiting for the local political situation to clear, the Hotfoot specialists hunkered in training centers at Luang Prabang, Savannakhet, Pakse, and Vientiane.
  5. In the NOTB simulation, The High met and told two heroes, Johnny Ray-Gun and speedster Hotfoot, of their imprisonment with support from Sgt.
  6. During this time, he was in charge of Operation Hotfoot in the Kingdom of Laos, as well as its follow-on, Operation White Star.
  7. During his first raid, an Indian boy named Hotfoot is injured by a rival tribe's arrow piercing through his upper arm, eventually crippling him.
  8. During the summer of 1959, US Special Forces Group code-named Hotfoot under the command of Lt . Col . Arthur " Bull " Simons entered Laos.
  9. Before'killing'Hotfoot, The High told him to find Welles as fast as he could once he was awake, while he tried to reason with her.
  10. Hotfoot immediately searched through the bunker and finally stopped Welles from initializing the'kill button'by vibro-phasing his hand through her head, inducing brain damage.
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