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  1. The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary contains India's only gibbons  the hoolock gibbons, and Northeastern India's only nocturnal primate  the Bengal slow loris.
  2. The Lawachara population is considered of ciritical importance as it is likely to be the last viable population of western hoolock gibbons that will survive into the next century.
  3. It is home to various types of wildlife like the hoolock gibbon, pig-tailed macaque, slow loris, tiger, elephant, clouded leopard, hornbills etc.
  4. Rare species have been recorded, including the hoolock gibbon, Phayre's leaf monkey, pig-tailed macaque, white-winged wood duck, and purple wood pigeon.
  5. Between 2003 and 2008, the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh carried out research and education work in relation to Bengal tiger, Hoolock gibbon, Asian elephant, and Asian black bear.
  6. Rare species found are Hoolock gibbon, Phayre's leaf monkey, Pig-tailed macaque, Stump-tailed macaque, Masked Finfoot, White-winged Wood Duck, etc . have been recorded.
  7. In the program, wildlife presenter and adventurer Nigel Marven travels amongst mountains of Yunnan Province in southern China in search of selected species of animals, including hoolock gibbon, one of the most endangered primates on Earth.
  8. Although the two hoolock gibbon species were once included in the " Bunopithecus " genus, they have recently been removed and " B . sericus " remains as the only known species of this genus.
  9. Kaziranga is one of the few wild breeding areas outside Africa for multiple species of large cats, such as Indian tigers and capped and golden langur, as well as the only ape found in India, the hoolock gibbon.
  10. Liz, Jon and Freida reveal India's hidden natural wonders; the Gir forest, home to the last Asiatic lions, the rare hoolock gibbons and the Anamalai Hills, which act as pathways for the local elephants.
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