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  1. This was part of Kuribayashi's plan to hold fire until the landing beaches were full.
  2. Still, some opposition figures were inclined to hold fire.
  3. Both sides agreed to hold fire during the withdrawal.
  4. Investigators believe the ValuJet crash resulted from a cargo hold fire fueled by oxygen generators.
  5. Ivanko said Abdic has ignored a separate pledge to hold fire on Dec . 28.
  6. Hold fire drills at least once every year.
  7. They stipulated, however, that Bosnian government forces in Bihac and Croatian troops should also hold fire.
  8. Sharon has said he cannot hold fire indefinitely.
  9. Fighting in Grozny eased Wednesday after Russian and rebel commanders told their troops to hold fire.
  10. Then came a shout from a U . S . soldier : " Hold fire ."
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