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  1. Gauge symmetry may be broken by the Higgs mechanism.
  2. It also generates mass without a Higgs mechanism.
  3. Initially, Krauss was skeptical of the Higgs mechanism.
  4. Thus, there is no conventional Higgs mechanism in bumblebee models that results in a massive graviton.
  5. According to the Standard Model, the W and Z bosons gain mass via the Higgs mechanism.
  6. This mechanism, the Higgs mechanism, is the means by which spontaneous symmetry breaking gives mass to fermions.
  7. The Higgs mechanism postulates the existence of the Higgs field which confers mass on quarks and leptons.
  8. For example, if the photon mass were due to a Higgs mechanism, monopoles would still be allowed.
  9. To overcome this, spontaneous symmetry breaking is augmented by the Higgs mechanism to give these particles mass.
  10. Mass occurs by the Higgs mechanism, as far as we know, which is really not anything like you described.
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