heartstrings in a sentence

heartstrings meaning in Hindi


  1. But now, we get some shows that really grab the heartstrings.
  2. And that might tug at the heartstrings of the jurors.
  3. What are the ways we can tug at the heartstrings?
  4. Giuseppe Tornatore can be awfully good at plucking nostalgic heartstrings.
  5. Instead they pull heartstrings by saying they want to fight child poverty.
  6. "We pull at his heartstrings, " she said.
  7. With a generous bounce from Mickelson's heartstrings . nn
  8. Such a film has no business bumbling around anyone's heartstrings.
  9. We've had these same heartstrings pulled taut, then slacken.
  10. Touching the heartstrings : that is Fleming's goal.
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