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  1. This situation persisted until 1939, when Scottish marriage laws were reformed by the Marriage ( Scotland ) Act 1939 and handfasting was no longer recognised.
  2. Ecclesiastical law recognised two forms of handfasting, " sponsalia per verba de praesenti " and " sponsalia per verba de futuro ".
  3. She and Morrison exchanged marriage vows in a Celtic handfasting ceremony in June 1970 .-according to her memoir-the couple signed a document declaring themselves wed.
  4. During handfasting the man and woman in turn would take the other by the right hand and declare aloud that they there and then accepted each other as man and wife.
  5. Handfasting was mentioned in the 1980 Jim Morrison biography " No One Here Gets Out Alive " and again in the 1991 film " Celtic Pagan priestess ).
  6. I mean there isnt anything huge that makes it a satanic ceremony just the fact that we are handfasting and having our own gothic vows rather than the lighting of the candles and so on.
  7. In some circumstances handfasting was open to abuse, with persons who had undergone " troth-plight " occasionally refusing to proceed to a church wedding, creating ambiguity about their former betrothed's marital status.
  8. The following year, Circle was featured in " Time " magazine on the Religion page, in an article about a handfasting the couple performed at the third Pan Pagan Festival at Demotte, IN.
  9. The term " handfasting " or " hand-fasting " has been in use in Celtic neopaganism and Wicca for wedding ceremonies from at least the late 1960s, apparently first used in print by Hans Holzer.
  10. The handfasting, performed by someone other than a legally designated marriage officer could be legalised in a second civil ceremony although this option was restricted to opposite-sex couples prior to the implementation of the Civil Union Act.
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