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  1. A handclap directly in front of the pyramid's main staircase produces a chirped echo.
  2. The band lacked a drummer but would use household objects and handclaps to act as percussion.
  3. The song's propelled by a strong bass line and contains live drums and handclaps.
  4. Police and the wildlife officers followed behind, trying to turn it back with shouts and handclaps.
  5. The demo was completed by Townshend overdubbing drums, bass, electric guitar, vocals and handclaps.
  6. The handclap chorus and vocal / keyboard hooks of the recording were augmented by the suits ).
  7. Luxury Wafers Exclusive : The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Live @ Chessvolt Studios with Video and mp3.
  8. Ninth track " Clocks ", is built on percussive beats, syncopated handclaps and a piano riff.
  9. Like " Rainbow ", it contains ambient-influenced sounds such as handclaps and cheering.
  10. "' Phenomenal Handclap Band "'are a psychedelic soul band from New York City.
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