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handbrake meaning in Hindi


  1. The foot brake brakes the rear tyres only, the handbrake lockes the gearbox.
  2. They are equipped with drum brakes, the handbrake is a gear box brake.
  3. The handbrake lever is now mounted on the gearbox casing and not the body.
  4. The handbrake was on the front wheels.
  5. The vehicle has a side clutch that enables it to make turns and a handbrake.
  6. The machine is still operated using a trolley car throttle and a manual handbrake system.
  7. The handbrake lever was under the dash.
  8. Each wheel had a drum brake; all four were operated through the handbrake lever.
  9. Here, it is called the handbrake because that's how we operate it.
  10. There is another transcoder, called VidCoder, that uses HandBrake as its encoding engine.
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