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  1. In some cases, however, of head injury, there can be raised intracranial pressure through mechanisms such as a subdural haematoma.
  2. The additional imaging of soft tissue like haematomas, joint effusion, and blood vessels is an advantage over to X-ray-imaging.
  3. Studies have shown that local anesthetics, arterial catheters and central venous catheters cause a higher risk in haematoma formation in patients with Ehlers Danlos syndrome.
  4. Haematomas and prolonged bleeding are as a result of thrombocytopaenia ( where clotting factors are decreased due to them binding to antigen-antibody complexes ).
  5. A high index of suspicion is required in the post operative period as this sinister problem can closely mimic more benign complications like port-site haematomas.
  6. Hrithik was injured during this schedule and subsequently had to undergo a brain surgery for removal of a blood clot from his brain ( Subdural haematoma ).
  7. A lump had developed on his neck which appeared to be some form of haematoma but O'Grady was worried that it might be something more serious.
  8. Haematoma and gangrene-like symptoms manifested, spreading throughout the body, eventually causing massive blood leakage into the brain and, in several cases, death.
  9. If treated with simple surgery, blood vessels within the tract of the lung injury may continue to bleed and result in a haematoma which should be avoided.
  10. The major risk factors for FAD include high blood pressure, old age, haematoma, genetic weakening of aortic wall, cocaine use, pregnancy and diseases causing abnormal connective tissue.
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