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  1. Hadrosaurus had much larger hind limbs than forelegs, indicating that it was not a reptile version of a rhinoceros or buffalo.
  2. Because knowledge about the Hadrosaurus dinosaur has grown, Gallagher is looking to to update the museum's display to reflect the changes.
  3. However, the latest phylogeny of the Hadrosauroidea indicates " Hadrosaurus " is definitely placed within the monophyletic group including all nonlambeosaurine hadrosaurids.
  4. Recent phylogenetic work by Hai Xing indicates that " Hadrosaurus " is placed within the monophyletic group containing all non-lambeosaurine hadrosaurids.
  5. If he finds funding to remake the Hadrosaurus, Gallagher plans to replace its skull with one cast from a duck-billed dinosaur found elsewhere.
  6. This concept dates from Joseph Leidy's 1865 reconstruction of " Hadrosaurus ", the first to depict a dinosaur in a bipedal posture.
  7. Scientists working in the western United States in the late 1800s had unearthed the first full skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex and more complete skeletons of the Hadrosaurus family.
  8. In 1858, Foulke dug from the marl pit the first relatively complete skeleton of a dinosaur found in North America, " Hadrosaurus foulkii ".
  9. The first was Leidy's work with artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins to mount " Hadrosaurus foulkii " for the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
  10. Students at Strawbridge Elementary School in nearby Westmont subsequently petitioned the New Jersey Assembly to have Hadrosaurus foulkii declared the state dinosaur, a measure approved in June 1991.
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