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  1. The four walls create a peaceful solitude for Hadrian and guests.
  2. This is reminiscent of the Pantheon, also built by Hadrian.
  3. Judah bar Ilai was forced to flee Hadrian's persecution.
  4. In 1771 Hamilton discovered the Warwick Vaseat Hadrian's Villa.
  5. Whin Sill is also seen again at Hadrian's Wall.
  6. Balbilla is not addressing Memnon but is flattering Hadrian and Sabina.
  7. The Picts-a people north of Hadrian's Wall.
  8. Pollio started his political career under Hadrian as a Triumvir Monetalis.
  9. It would be expected that Hadrian's Wall terminated here.
  10. Hadrian vigorously exploited the opportunities for mining in the new province.
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