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  1. Hadley cells, first postulated and confirmed on Earth, are seen in different forms in other atmospheres.
  2. For example, massive atmospheric subsidences occur as part of the descending branches of Ferrel cells and Hadley cells.
  3. But if the boundary of the Hadley cell moves north, then the position and intensity of the trade winds might change.
  4. Hadley cells help form the subtropical ridge, steer tropical waves and tropical cyclones across the ocean and is strongest during the summer.
  5. The Hadley circulation has a cooling effect at and near the equator and a warming effect at higher latitudes within the Hadley Cell.
  6. :I think I'd start by researching the effect of climate on the Hadley cell, which itself is subject to debate.
  7. Becauae there's land, the ideal Hadley cell is distorted so there's no desert on the east sides of continents.
  8. Why do Hadley cells stop around 30 degrees N ( and S ? ) talk ) 22 : 02, 30 April 2009 ( UTC)
  9. Having lost most of its water vapor to condensation and precipitation in the upward branch of the Hadley cell circulation, the descending air is dry.
  10. The Namib's aridity is caused by the descent of dry air of the Hadley Cell, cooled by the cold Benguela current along the coast.
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