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  1. America's prison population had best get used to this.
  2. Court figures had best follow the righteous path, seeking to live and die for righteousness.
  3. But as for a nerves attack she suggests Hingis had best not hold her breath.
  4. You had best heed the warnings . demandez 02 : 28, 11 December 2006 ( UTC)
  5. Had best individual offensive season in club history.
  6. Landlords had best get used to such stories.
  7. The president had best review his own record.
  8. By this time, London realized it had best cast its lot with Washington rather than Tokyo.
  9. And as for big games, anyone hoping to get in had best show up way early.
  10. He who does not yet know Chopin had best begin the acquaintance with this piece ".
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