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  1. Planted with Greengage and other fruit trees.
  2. Greengages, which do not get the disease, are the plum farmers'best option.
  3. Greengage gin is an alternative beverage.
  4. The greengages and damsons also belong to subspecies of " P . domestica ".
  5. The most important agricultural products of Meshkat include wheat, pomegranate, greengage, cotton, among others.
  6. Once prized and widely grown in the United States, greengages virtually vanished as farmers chose less finicky varieties.
  7. The greengages could go to jam, a major use, but processors rarely paid enough to justify picking.
  8. Since 1998 they have used a marketing program, Label Rouge, to promote greengages that meet high standards.
  9. GREENGAGE-PLUMS ( Moissac, France )-- Its fans consider it the greatest fruit in the world.
  10. Decades later I learned that this fruit was a greengage, universally acclaimed by experts as the finest of plums.
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