greenback in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'gri:nbæk ] ]
greenback meaning in Hindi


  1. Traders were left wondering Wednesday how high the greenback might go.
  2. The greenback has appreciated 235 percent against the rupiah since then.
  3. The rupiah closed at around 8, 600 tothe greenback yesterday.
  4. Ringgit firmer on profit taking of greenback, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  5. The greenback's gain over the yen has many disadvantages.
  6. The greenback fell back a bit on selling by Japanese exporters.
  7. But the greenback surrendered early gains Tuesday as Tokyo stocks advanced.
  8. The greenback ranged from 120.83 to 121.75.
  9. In currency dealings, the greenback slipped slightly against the yen.
  10. The greenback also slipped against the Australian and New Zealand dollars.
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