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  1. After the defeat of the Golden Horde, the Crimean Khanate became considerably stronger.
  2. Malek Asraf was executed, and his family brought north to the Golden Horde.
  3. This ended the vassalage of Galicia Volhynia Rus'to the Golden Horde.
  4. M�ngke handed control over the Caucasus region to the Golden Horde in 1252.
  5. The Crimean Khanate broke off from the Golden Horde in 1441.
  6. However once the Golden Horde was defeated, Timur returned to attack Georgia again.
  7. Also Chagatai Khan Alghu invaded Khwarizm and annexed Golden Horde lands.
  8. Kublai nominated Batu's grandson M�ngke Tem�r to lead the Golden Horde.
  9. Theodore himself went to Sarai, the capital of the Golden Horde.
  10. Tem�r Qutlugh's chief emir Edigu was the real rulers of the Golden Horde.
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