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  1. Goldcrests can fly in one day, although they keep at a lower level in heavy headwinds.
  2. This is in contrast to the goldcrest, which frequently feeds on the undersides of branches and leaves.
  3. The film is an Irish, British and American venture produced by Sullivan Bluth Studios and Goldcrest Films.
  4. This is the home of several woodland birds including the great spotted woodpecker, tawny owl and goldcrest.
  5. Muntjac and roe deer use the site and birds include goldcrests, great spotted woodpeckers and tawny owls.
  6. It was headed up by Steve Walsh, the former head of co-productions at Goldcrest Films.
  7. Many of the Enigma films made in the 1980s were done in association with the financial backer Goldcrest Films.
  8. The film was produced by American Playhouse and Goldcrest Films, and originally released to movie theaters in 1985.
  9. British cinema was given a boost during the early 1980s by the arrival of David Puttnam's company Goldcrest Films.
  10. Adult mortality for the goldcrest is estimated at over 80 percent per year and the maximum lifespan is only six years.
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