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  1. One of Europe's largest and most important collections of model soldiers is to go under the hammer, auctioneers said Thursday.
  2. Real estate agents are calculating that 3, 000 houses will go under the hammer in a multi million dollar surge of property investment.
  3. Airports, the national airline, a diamond mine, a parcel delivery service and a forestry company are all due to go under the hammer.
  4. The government has been forced to withdraw from auction a hotel site scheduled to go under the hammer next month following the slump in tourist arrivals.
  5. A beer stein said to have been taken from the Berlin bunker of German dictator Adolf Hitler will go under the hammer at an auction on Saturday.
  6. Passed down through the family of John Gill, the watch and letters are to go under the hammer at the British Titanic Society Convention in April.
  7. A second T . rex, the world's most complete, is to go under the hammer this autumn at Sotheby's in New York City.
  8. They will be on view from Feb 19 until the morning of Feb 21, then go under the hammer from that afternoon until the evening of Feb 22.
  9. The sale of the government's stake in PNB is among a number of state holdings earmarked to go under the hammer that also include utility National Power Corp.
  10. Also to go under the hammer are leftover M and M candies, which the pop superstar was reported to have ordered in large quantities during his stay in the city.
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