germinate in a sentence

germinate meaning in Hindi


  1. If seeds aren't mature, they will not germinate.
  2. And a seed began to germinate : What about the water?
  3. Onion seeds are short-lived and fresh seeds germinate better.
  4. The seeds were hard to find and impossible to germinate commercially.
  5. A variety of cells can be formed from the germinating conidia.
  6. These germinate inside the capsule after it falls to the ground.
  7. Seeds in the droppings could easily germinate and assist in afforestation.
  8. Some basidiospores germinate repetitively by forming small spores instead of hyphae.
  9. Once germinated, seedlings grow vigorously with dense, bushy growth.
  10. It is easy to germinate, having two-lobed dicotyledons.
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