gadgetries in a sentence

gadgetries meaning in Hindi


  1. Not everyone was there to snatch up high-tech gadgetry.
  2. Laboratories are well equipped with the latest gadgetry and measuring equipments.
  3. There's no end to the guy gadgetry advertised.
  4. Today's car stereos are full of high-tech gadgetry.
  5. But then all the gadgetry gets packed into some surprisingly girlish figures.
  6. Every bank has mainframes and all the high tech gadgetry we do,
  7. BMW has a muscular stance and is big on gadgetry.
  8. Yet the Patriots did not use much gadgetry Monday night.
  9. Some buyers are gearheads, hungry for the latest in optic gadgetry.
  10. Sony has also leaped on the trend of wearable gadgetry.
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