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  1. It has a fuze failure rate of 3 8 %.
  2. It used a radar proximity fuze and semi-active radar homing.
  3. It is detonated just above ground by a fuze extender.
  4. Tools are not required to install or set the fuze.
  5. The fuze screws into the body, and is replaceable after use.
  6. The M26A2 is an M26A1 modified to accept an M217 impact fuze.
  7. The top had a threaded fuze well in the center.
  8. The M603 fuze is inherently safe to handle and much more reliable.
  9. The mine uses either a UPM-1 or UPM-2A fuze
  10. The fuze contains an integral anti-handling device to hinder deminers.
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