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  1. If futurists are really futurists, why do they bother writing books?
  2. Gingrich, who fancies himself a futurist, ought to understand that.
  3. A good futurist is like a good science fiction writer,
  4. I have seen The Futurist, and it has quirks.
  5. If the futurists are right, once may be enough.
  6. Q : A futurist in Wired magazine said Yoda was his hero.
  7. But futurists have only ever managed to portray the present.
  8. Futurists and investors must beware of applying their experience to something new.
  9. Here's how, based on financial calculations in The Futurist:
  10. Meadows is one of the country's 100 most influential futurists.
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