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  1. In 1913 the Delaunays showed their works in the Futurist painters.
  2. Futurist is not in the sense of the art movement futurism.
  3. Pre-conventional futurists ( see below ) would generally not.
  4. Futurist beliefs usually have a close association with Premillennialism and Dispensationalism.
  5. He had a brief digression into a Futurist style in 1914.
  6. Thus, analogies are the essence of poetry for the Futurists.
  7. Early Futurist poetry relied on free verse as their poetical vehicle.
  8. Dottori was one of the principal exponents of Futurist sacred art.
  9. Chaudhary has been featured amongst the World s top female futurists.
  10. If futurists are really futurists, why do they bother writing books?
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